JOB Detail
Head of Aviation Security (GCAA, AOC, Post Holder)

Reference Code     :     AJA000015

Posted Date            :     13-04-2010

Skills                       :     Nominated Post holder Security line Manager.

Head of Aviation Security (GCAA, AOC, Post Holder)

  1. To meet the legal requirements of the Nominated Post holder Security iaw the GCAA CAR OPS 1 & employ & manage the staff required to run the security section.
  2. To define & manage the security section organizational structure & organizational strategic objectives of that section & to lead the operations section in a way that enforces the objectives in an efficient & profitable manner.
  3. To assume the security Nominated Post Holder responsibilities by law of owning & operating aircraft from a regulatory & safety & airworthiness point of view.
  4. To ensure all security aviation legal requirements are met & no infringements of the regulation occur.
  5. To ensure a secure operation with an emphasis on security, safety & training.
Skills, Expereince and Qualifications.

  1. Acceptable as a Nominated Post Holder to the UAE GCAA under CAR OPS 1.
  2. A professional qualification in the area of aircraft security operations.
  3. Detailed knowledge of the regional aviation regulations & aviation law.
  4. Experience in aircraft VIP & Charter environment.